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Quick Stage Scaffolding (Painted and Galvanised)

We supply full range of Quick Stage Scaffolding, both in Painted and Galvanised finish. Following is a list of items that we supply in our range. Feel free to call us on 08 9473 1941 for any scaffold enquiries.

Kwik 3.0M Standard

Kwik 2.5M Standard

Kwik 2.0M Standard

Kwik 1.5M Standard

Kwik 1M Standard

Kwik 0.5M Standard

Kwik 1 Star Standard Topper


Kwik 3.0M Ledger

Kwik 2.4M Ledger

Kwik 1.8M Ledger

Kwik 1.5M Ledger

Kwik 1.2M Ledger

Kwik 0.7M Ledger

Kwik 0.5M Ledger


Kwik 2.4M Transom

Kwik 1.8M Transom

Kwik 1.2M Transom

Kwik 0.7M Transom

Kwik 0.5M Transom

Kwik 3.6M Diagonal Brace

Kwik 3.2M Diagonal Brace

Kwik 2.7M Diagonal Brace

Kwik 2.1M Diagonal Brace

Kwik 1.9M Diagonal Brace


Kwik 2.4M Metal Plank

Kwik 1.8M Metal Plank

Kwik 1.2M Metal Plank

Kwik 0.7M Metal Plank


Kwik 2.4M Tie Bar

Kwik 1.8M Tie Bar

Kwik 1.2M Tie Bar

Kwik 0.7M Tie Bar


Kwik 3 Board Houp Bracket

Kwik 2 Board Houp Bracket

Kwik 1 Board Houp Bracket


Kwik Stepdown Bracket 1 Plank

Kwik Stepdown Bracket 2 Plank

Kwik 2.4M LA Transom

Kwik 1.8M LA Transom

Kwik 1.2M LA Transom


Kwik End Toe Board Bracket

Kwik Toe Board Brackets

Kwik Solid Screw Jacks

Kwik Base Plates


Kwik Ladder Beam 6.0M

Kwik Ladder Beam 4.8M

Kwik Ladder Opening Gate

Kwik Ladder Gate with Truss


Kwik Aluminium Stair 0.6

Kwik Aluminium Toprail

Kwik Aluminium Handrail


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